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Welcome to Rough Magic. Since its foundation in 1984 the company has built an organisation characerised by continual regeneration. Its adherence to artistic excellence pluralism, and an egalitariam approach to the creative ensemble, has delivered over 50 Irish premiers, the debuts of many theatre-makers, and the pioneering SEEDS programme.

And part of this continual regeneration is the creation of a new website. What you are seeing now is a temporary holding page while work on the new site is being completed. You can keep up to date on all things Rough Magic by keeping an eye on the company , our and Instagram.

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Melt by Shane Mac an Bhaird

Let something else speak.

Antarctica. A polar research station. Boylan, an Irish scientist of the old school, is studying something hidden deep in the ice sheet. A young, ambitious, cock-sure assistant arrives, but they have more to contend with than each other.

Melt is an exploration at the limits of the human experience and a belch from the dark throat of the imagination. In a changing climate, Mac an Bhaird’s new play takes a jaunt on the edge of the abyss.

Directed by Lynne Parker and presented as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival.
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